IMG_6267Accredited Programmes are nationally approved courses designed to tackle the root causes of offending. They are included as conditions of a sentence, meaning they have to be completed or the offender will be taken back to court to receive a more serious sentence.

“The skills I’ve gained on TSP have made me feel more confident and assertive. I’ve found a job and my self-confidence is growing every day.”

Staffordshire and West Midlands Community Rehabilitation Company runs a variety of programmes, reflecting the fact that different crimes have different causes. Each programme uses methods designed to reduce the risk of reoffending, based on research into what actually works best to help stop offending. The ideas, theories and research behind accredited programmes together make up the What Works initiative.

Before being put on a programme, offenders’ literacy and numeracy skills are checked to make sure the programmes are pitched at a level that they can understand.

Programmes are now a part of many community sentences. During the programme, their motivation and progress is measured, and on completion of the programme, there is a report written which helps the group member and their Offender Manager to plan further work to aid their rehabilitation.

“I was very despondent when I started the course, but now I’m optimistic. RESOLVE¬†has given me a lot of tools than I can use to help me to stay clean.”

Programmes available:

Thinking Skills Programme (TSP)

Drink Impaired Driver’s Programme (DIDP)

Building Skills for Recovery (BSR)

Resolve Programme

Building Better Relationships (BBR)