Community Payback – what we can and can’t do

Offenders sentenced to Community Payback can do landscaping

Offenders sentenced to Community Payback CAN

Work in groups of seven or more
Lay paths and slabs
Put up fences – home security for vulnerable adults
Paint and decorate – internal and external (subject to height restrictions)
Do ground clearance, mowing and strimming
Pick up litter and remove flytipping
Do leaflet distribution (disclaimers must be signed for private property)
Remove graffiti
Clear canals and towpaths
Do construction work eg digging trenches
Do landscaping
Clear snow
Do some small-scale building projects (including plastering – subject to supervisor skill base)

Offenders sentenced to Community Payback CANNOT

Do any work that replaces paid employment
Do plumbing or electrical work
Do large-scale building projects
Work if asbestos is known to be on site – contact Environmental Health immediately
Work on sites where there are large amounts of drug paraphernalia – contact your local council, who should have specialist teams to deal with this
Work above certain heights
Do internal work for people in occupation of their homes
Work on individual private garden areas