21 Community Rehabilitation Companies were formed on 1st June 2014 to provide offender management and rehabilitation services in England and Wales. Staffordshire and West Midlands Community Rehabilitation Company (SWM CRC) is one of them. The companies were formed in accordance with the Companies Act 2006, and were all solely owned by the Secretary of State for Justice, before being transferred to their new owners on 1st February 2015. CRCs, as arms-length providers, have a contract with the Secretary of State to deliver probation services.

SWM CRC is owned by the Reducing Reoffending Partnership (RRP), a joint venture partnership consisting of CGL, Ingeus and St Giles Trust. RRP also owns Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Nottingham and Rutland (DLNR) CRC.

The Reducing Reoffending Partnership Board

The Chair of the Reducing Reoffending Partnership (RRP) Board is Jack Sawyer, Chief Executive Officer of Ingeus UK. All Board Directors are responsible for the management of the company’s business in accordance with the company’s constitution, known as The Articles of Association. They ensure that RRP and its two Community Rehabilitation Companies demonstrate a high standard of corporate governance. They also ensure that they act with probity, declaring any interest in a proposed transaction or other arrangement either as an individual or before the company enters into it.

The Chair of the Board and all board members are directors of RRP.

Adam Hart is the CEO of RRP.

Listed below is the full membership of the RRP Board – with primary titles – which includes:

  • Jack Sawyer, CEO of Ingeus UK
  • Greg Meyerowitz, APM Group Finance Director
  • Adam Hart, CEO of RRP
  • Rob Owen, CEO of St Giles Trust
  • Mark Moody, CEO of CGL